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A Comprehensive breakdown of belizelaw.org

Home - The homepage. This also includes a portal to the new Supreme Court Rules.

E-library - The e-library is the section of the site that has all the documents posted online. This includes The Consitution of Belize, the Judges Rules, The Supreme Court Rules, Court Judgments (The Supreme court and the Court of Appeal Judgments), Code of Judicial Conduct and Etiquette and the White Paper on Criminal Justice Reform.

Legal aid - Information on the Legal Aid Department.

The Laws of Belize - The official page of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000. You can browse by volume, title and chapter.

The Judiciary - An overview of the Judiciary in Belize. This page also includes information on the Supreme Court, The Supreme Court Registry and the Supreme Court Law Library.

Sitemap - A comprehensive breakdown of the belizelaw.org.

Contact - Contact information for the Attorney General's Ministry.

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